How to make money with Lino

Lino is Free Software, where “free” is meant as in free speech, not as in free beer. So here is how you can make money with Lino, either on your own or together with others.

As an independent developer you can write and then maintain your own Lino application for a customer. You are a development provider and your customer(s) pay(s) you for that service.

As an inhouse developer you write a Lino application for your employer. Simply replace “customer” by “employer” in the previous paragraph.

As a hosting provider you may install and maintain Lino production sites for your customers. This art is documented in Lino Hosting Guide.

As a SaaS provider you develop, host and maintain a Lino application for yourself and ask money from it users. The AGPL encourages you to think synodal by obliging you to publish your application’s source code.

As a core developer paid by Synodalsoft (Rumma & Ko Ltd) you help us with improving Lino as a framework. See Jobs.