The Lino community welcomes both experienced and newbie Python developers.

Volunteer contributors contact us because they want to

We differentiate three profiles of readers.

Application developer

As an application developer you use Lino to write your own Lino application. For yourself, for your customer or for your employer. You maybe do this as an independent professional and potentially publish your work using your preferred license as free or proprietary software. You are welcome to contribute to the Lino community by reporting about your successes and failures, and suggesting changes and new features. You should read the Developer Guide.

Contributing developer

As a contributing developer you know more than a simple developer. After having read the Developer Guide, you want to help us to make Lino better. You contribute to the project by testing general framework features, discussing changes and new features, submitting pull requests, ... This is documented in the Contributor Guide.

Site administrator

As a site administrator you want to run some Lino application in a reliable way on a production server. This is documented in the Administrator Guide.

If several profiles match your motivations, we recommend the above reading order.