Active fields

See dd.Model.active_fields.


Context-sensitive ComboBox. See lino.utils.choices.

customization functions

See Customization.

Data Migration

Data Migration is when your database needs to be converted after an upgrade to a newer Lino version. See How to migrate data.

See DavLink

Detail Window

A window that displays data of a single record. Used for viewing, editing or inserting new records. Besides fields, a Detail Window can possibly include Slave Tables.

Dialog Action

A dialog action is an action which opens a window where the user can specify "action parameters" before actually running the action.

An lino.core.actions.Action is a dialog action if it has lino.core.actions.Action.parameters defined and lino.core.actions.Action.no_params_window has not been enabled.

disabled fields

Fields that the user cannot edit (read-only fields).


"Dienst für Sozial-Berufliche Eingliederung" A public service in Eupen (Belgium), the first real user of a Lino application lino.projects.pcsw.

dummy module

See lino.core.dbutils.resolve_app().


"To dump" means to write the content of a database into a text file. This is used to backup data and for Data Migration.

field lookups



Grid Configuration. See 2010-08-09,...


Generic ForeignKey. This is a ForeignKey that can point to different tables.





Insert Window

The window used to edit data of a new record before it is being saved for the first time.


An internal virtual Debian server on our LAN used for testing.


one of Django's standard management commands. See Django docs


A Lino-specific Django management command that writes a Sphinx documentation tree about the models installed on this site.


A Lino-specific Django management command that writes local files needed for the front end. See Lino and Qooxdoo.

Minimal application

See Minimal applications


Installing Lino on a production server


The machine that is serving the domain.

remote field

We sometimes use this term for field lookups that refer to a joined model. For example in a Table on a model Invoice that has a ForeignKey customer to Partner, then you can add a column customer__city.

Slave Table

A Slave Table is a Table which displays only rows that "belong" to a given master instance.

For example if you have two models City and Person, with a ForeignKey pointing to City, then you might define a slave table PersonsByCity which displays only Persons who live in a given City.


See dd.Table and dd.AbstractTable.


The version that is currently being tested.


The machine that served the domain until 2010 when it was replaced by Mops.


A daemon process that synchronizes remote calendars into the Lino database. See


A daemon process that synchronizes data from TIM to Lino. See


See DavLink

welcome message

A user-specific message that you get in your main page. welcome messages are being generated dynamically each time your main page is being displayed. See lino.core.actors.Actor.get_welcome_messages().