The Lino Software Foundation

The Lino Software Foundation (LSF) is the legal entity that would act as the product carrier of the Lino framework and as the motor of the Lino community.

Just a dream?

The LSF does not yet exist legally because running a foundation would cause significant administrative costs. That’s why the work of the LSF is currently done by Rumma & Ko, a family-sized company in Estonia. Here is their statement:

The name LSF –inspired by the PSF, the DSF or the WMF– is just our nickname for discussing the idea.

It doesn’t need to be a foundation: it can be any other type of legal entity.

It doesn’t need to be a new entity: Rumma & Ko is open to the idea of joining some existing organization that shares our vision.

Business model

Here is the suggested business model for the The Lino Software Foundation.



The LSF would use their income for the following activities.

  • Employ one or several developers and run a team responsible for development and maintenance of the framework. Optionally delegate this task to a third-party development provider.

  • Employ administrative personnel for management tasks and public relations.

  • Operate one or several Lino sites required as an infrastructure for their work.

  • Distribute donations to underlying free software projects.

  • Refund costs for training, meeting or travelling to their members or employees.