Lino Software Foundation

The Lino Software Foundation (LSF) is one of the possible names for a yet-to-be-created legal entity that would act as the product carrier of the Lino framework and as the motor of the Lino community.

Rumma & Ko Ltd

The LSF does not exist legally because running a foundation would cause significant administrative costs. That’s why the work of the LSF is currently done by a family-sized company in Estonia. Here is their website:

More thoughts about the LSF

The name LSF –inspired by the PSF, the DSF or the WMF– is just our nickname for discussing the idea.

It doesn’t need to be a foundation: it can be any other type of legal entity.

It doesn’t need to be a new entity: Rumma & Ko is open to the idea of joining some existing entity provided they show motivation to bring Lino to the next level.