The main window

There are several methods for specifying the content of the main window:

In practice you will probably use the latter method.

The admin_main.html template file


This is the template used to generate the inner content of the home page. It is split into two files admin_main.html and admin_main_base.html.

For illustration compare the content of the latter template with its result in the following screenshots (taken from the team demo project which runs Lino Noi).


Main window for AnonymousUser.


Main window for user robin.

Welcome messages

The admin_main.html calls get_welcome_messages. This code inserts the "welcome messages" for this user on this site. As the application developer you have several methods to define welcome messages:

Dashboard items

How to define your application's dashboard items:

Independently of how you define the dashboard items for your application, you can additionally opt to install the lino.modlib.dashboard plugin.