Why should a developer choose Lino?ΒΆ

As an independent developer you can use the Lino framework for making money. You write and maintain a Lino application for your customers, and they pay you for your service. Lino is free software, but most people nowadays understand the difference between free beer and free speech.

As an inhouse developer (i.e. you write a Lino application for your employer) you simply replace "customer" by "employer".

By contributing as a volunteer you will learn how to use Lino without paying for your teachers. You get full support by the core developers for free. We have a fundamental motivation for helping you with getting started your business because building a sustainable open community is an important part of our mission.

Lino is not a solution for everything. But for the kind of projects it is designed for we believe that you and your customers will be more satisfied with Lino...

Note some limitations of Lino as a framework:

  • Lino as a framework does not try to be easy to learn. This is a design choice, not a limitation. You need an experienced Python developer for writing new Lino applications. Yes, such people tend to be expensive these days (Python was second after Java in 2016, according to Highest Paying Programming Languages In 2016), but we believe that "frameworks for dummies" save money at the wrong end. See also Think Python.

  • Lino is not yet well documented. This is the price of having a small community. But our community is growing and we are working on it. Our goal is that every interested reader finds answers to their questions about Lino. You can help us by sending your feedback, tell us where you got stuck, help us to make it easier for others to get started with Lino!